Call for Projects

Manufacturing Industry

Primary Objective

Increase the productivity of manufacturing companies in Quebec by carrying out digital transformation projects that can lead to the application of artificial intelligence.

Benefits for the Company

Gain access to a non-refundable financial contribution as well as advice to accelerate the digitization of a business via a project related to the Industry 4.0.

Financial Aid

A non-refundable financial contribution covering up to 50% of eligible expenses (e.g., salaries, subcontractors, equipment) will be offered to companies selected under this call for projects. This contribution can reach a maximum of $ 1M for the duration of the project (maximum 2 years).

Eligible Businesses

This call for projects targets for-profit companies in the Quebec manufacturing sector.

Targeted Projects

Projects from management teams wishing to invest in the digitization of their manufacturing company in order to improve its productivity. The project should allow the collection or use of data for prediction purposes.

Applications Examples

  • Internet of Things (e.g., deployment of sensors, communication between machines, data collection, analysis and backup)
  • Real time monitoring
  • Advanced automation / robotics
  • Preventive maintenance and assistance to operators
  • Automated or semi automated quality assurance
  • Prediction of demand and required resources (e.g., inventories)
  • Automated production line feedback

Contact Us

To submit a project, please complete the following project submission form.  Please send your completed form by December 1 2020 to the email address below.

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