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Unlock the transformative power of generative AI

We specialize in helping enterprises harness the potential of generative AI technology to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Our expert team guides you through the implementation process, unlocking innovative opportunities for your organization both internally and in the wider market landscape. In addition to customizing cutting-edge open-source models, we also seamlessly integrate solutions from top commercial APIs, providing a comprehensive range of possibilities tailored to your unique requirements. Explore how generative AI can revolutionize your business operations and strategic initiatives.
What are the scientific foundations of generative AI?
Unlike traditional AI technologies, generative AI excels in sequence completion tasks and works across diverse data types such as text, images, audio, and videos. This profound capability unlocks a myriad of possibilities, from translation and summarization to Q&A, search optimization, email composition, code generation, image synthesis, and entity extraction. Harness the power of generative AI with our team and unlock limitless potential for your business.
Key techniques we apply to implement generative AI solutions include:
Prompt engineering
We use a host of techniques to design the right input prompts to feed into pre-trained foundation models to produce the desired response.
We tune a pre-trained foundation model on a set of customized demonstration data to optimize the model to generate responses aligned to your  specific use case.
Retrieval augmented generation (RAG)
We enable pre-trained foundation models to tap into and reference your proprietary enterprise data to deliver accurate, reliable, and current information to your end users.
Systems integration
The generative AI technology stack is evolving at a rapid pace. We identify, implement and integrate the multiple building blocks required to deploy end-to-end enterprise-grade solutions that work within your technology landscape.
How can generative AI serve your business objectives?
We combine various AI methods, including operations research, machine learning, and generative AI, to unlock a world of new automation use cases and end-to-end business workflows that were not practically solvable using traditional methods alone. 
Semantic search
Make all your enterprise data, unstructured and structured, easily accessible and searchable by your employees and customers.
Automatically collate, aggregate, and summarize internal documents and other external information sources.
Generate new content such as marketing copy, outreach emails, images, videos, etc, in a fraction of the time customized to your specific needs.
Extract information reliably from unstructured documents, such as applications, emails, and voice recordings, for downstream processes.
AI Safety
With new technology comes new risks. To effectively mitigate against them, you will need a diverse team to tackle the people, process and technology challenges that lay ahead. IVADO Labs was built with this in mind. We have assembled an exceptional, multidisciplinary team of AI practitioners with a proven track record of delivering enterprise-grade AI solutions. Our unique team and approach enable you to capitalize on the massive opportunity that Generative AI presents while ensuring the technology is applied in a responsible, reliable, and secure way.

We turn this expertise into added value for your business.

Our promise: cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions to solve your most complex problems.

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