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Your challenges > Managing revenues and forecasting demand

AI for revenue management and demand forecasting

Maximize your profit, revenue or sales volume and accurately anticipate your customers' future needs, regardless of market behaviours and fluctuations.
Revenue management, which includes the determination of pricing and promotional strategies, and demand forecasting are closely related. In fact, accurate demand forecasting is essential for effective revenue management, allowing you to make informed decisions about pricing, inventory, and your operations.

However, predicting the future in an ever-changing environment is a formidable challenge. Traditional approaches, which are often based on intuition and past experiences, may not reflect the complexity and dynamics of today's market.
More precision. More agility. Greater
ability to anticipate.
AI increases your ability to analyze large data sets. In turn, you can proactively anticipate changes in demand with a high degree of precision, optimize your revenue and be more responsive to market opportunities, all while reducing risk and maximizing performance.
subtle trends
Simulate the impact
of various scenarios
Adjust your
plans dynamically
The 3 key impacts of AI on revenue management and demand forecasting
Anticipate demand and assess portability
Accurately forecast demand by analyzing both internal and external factors.
Better forecasting accuracy, increased rates of sale, and improved process efficiency and transparency.
Optimize pricing strategies
Strategically set product prices to maximize profit, revenue and/or sales volume.
Increased revenue, improved margins or expanded market share.
Stimulate demand through promotions
Identify the most effective actions to drive demand.
Refined customer targeting and increased sales, or a reduction in the need for sales.
Struggling to find a solution that meets your needs?
You may need a personalized approach. At IVADO Labs, we can assist you in the design and deployment of a solution custom crafted to fit the unique requirements of your business.
An integrated approach for optimal forecasting, pricing and promotion synergy
When your goal is to optimize pricing and promotion strategies, a robust demand forecasting system is a major asset. One underperforming element can impact the overall effectiveness of the entire system. Think of it like a chain: it’s only as strong as its weakest link. Integrating demand, pricing and promotion forecasting can generate a feedback loop. While each element can operate independently, each helps to enrich and inform the others, thus optimizing the business strategy through increased synergy and accuracy.
A tailor-made approach for personalized forecasting
Precise demand forecasting requires a degree of customization that takes into account the particularities of your products and operational procedures. A customized forecasting system that’s tailored to your businesses’ unique positioning can offer a significantly higher degree of accuracy than generic solutions. This customization makes it possible to capture the specific nuances of your market and your clientele, thus ensuring strategic recommendations that reflect your business reality.
A modular solution adapted to your needs
As an example, our approach to price optimization is centered around a core pricing engine, seamlessly enriched by specialized modules designed to meet your unique business needs and value expectations.

This flexible and dynamic system is designed to grow with your business, ensuring you always stay ahead of the market. Each module operates independently, allowing for targeted improvements without impacting the rest of the system. This means you get a consistent and adaptable solution that grows and improves with your business, giving you a strategic advantage in price optimization.
Air Canada

Strengthen demand forecasting capabilities to increase ability to control traffic revenues.


Improve performance by taking better account of the dynamic nature of consumer behavior.

Port activities

Predicting import and export volumes for more resilient port operations.

We create AI solutions that blend advanced predictive, prescriptive and generative capabilities.

Our promise: cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions to solve your most complex problems.

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