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Harnessing AI to optimize your retail activities

Efficient space utilization is a critical component of retail success, now enhanced and refined by the application of AI. Let us guide you through the three pivotal challenges of retail space optimization.
The following is a fictional narrative with real insights designed to showcase the challenges of retail space optimization, along with the practical benefits and strategic impact of our IVADO Labs planogram solution in tackling them.
The three key impacts of AI on retail space optimization
Developing planograms
Key Challenge
Determining the most effective product placement on the aisles for optimal visual merchandising.
Achieving the ideal product arrangement that mirrors shopper preferences, including product flow, placement, and fixture sizing.
Customizing each store
Key Challenge
Adapting generic planograms to meet individual store requirements.
Tailoring layouts to incorporate local forecasts, assortment variations, and fixture dimensions by creating store-specific solutions.
Optimizing planograms
Key Challenge
Strategically placing products and managing product facings to optimize costs.
Minimizing in-field adjustments by store operators, enabling them to concentrate on customer engagement and service.
Our process combines AI's analytical power with real-world retail insights.
The result? Dynamic, store-specific planograms that not only meet but exceed your retail space utilization expectations. This dynamic localization is our key differentiator, ensuring that each retail space is optimized for operational efficiency and customer appeal.

We create AI solutions that blend advanced predictive, prescriptive and generative capabilities.

Our solutions cater to a wide range of retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) clients, focusing on critical areas like retail space optimization, merchandising and assortment, pricing and promotions strategies, and demand forecasting.

Our promise: cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions to solve your most complex problems.

Contact us to find out how we can put AI to work for your ambitions.