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Our journey with your business starts with a careful assessment of the challenges you face. We then identify the most suitable AI strategy to tackle these challenges. A key element in our toolbox is prescriptive AI, which goes beyond prediction to recommend actionable strategies. Discover how our prescriptive AI can offer tailored solutions and contribute to the strategic decision-making process in your organization.
What are the scientific foundations behind prescriptive AI?
Prescriptive AI mainly relies on techniques leveraging reinforcement learning and on methods developed within the large field of operations research, which specializes in solving large-scale decision-making problems.
Most will fall into the following categories:
Mathematical optimization
Here, the objective is to identify the most efficient decisions within a set of constraints. In other words, finding the optimal solution to complex problems. For instance, determining the most efficient routes and schedules for trucks to deliver packages.
It enables the testing of various scenarios to anticipate potential outcomes, evaluate risks, and devise mitigation strategies. A practical application could be simulating passenger flow in public transportation systems under different timetables to optimize scheduling and reduce congestion.
Game theory
It provides insights into the strategic interactions in various fields by running a mathematical study of scenarios involving conflict and cooperation among intelligent, rational decision-makers.
Reinforcement learning
Here, the objective is to make the AI models learn how to make decisions based on contextual information to attain long-term objectives. For example, it can be used to optimize energy consumption in smart buildings by continually adjusting settings based on real-time environmental data and usage patterns.
At IVADO Labs, we excel in translating practical scenarios into comprehensive mathematical models.
The range of approaches we employ to tackle problems in these categories is broad, encompassing linear programming, mixed integer programming, stochastic optimization, heuristics, and constraint programming, among others. We define decision variables such as assigning truck drivers to specific routes on given days, we then set clear objectives such as minimizing operational costs, and we carefully consider constraints, for example, ensuring drivers' schedules are within standard working hours. Our expertise lies in identifying and deploying the fittest approach for each unique business goal, ensuring that every solution we craft not only meets but exceeds your expectations.
How can prescriptive AI serve your business objectives?
Most large decision problems your business encounters can be framed as a mathematical model solved by advanced operation research approaches.
Let’s consider a few scenarios that highlight how AI can help you in making informed, data-driven decisions across different facets of your operations:
Promotional planning
"In which weeks should we promote products to maximize expected revenue?"
Shelf space optimization
"What is the optimal number of products to display on a shelf to minimize replenishment trips annually?"
Vehicle charging scheduling
"When should we charge our fleet of vehicles and for how long to minimize factors like peak power consumption?"
Route and resource scheduling
"What is the most efficient schedule for routes, considering resource assignments, inventory management, and operational constraints?"
Inventory optimization
"How much stock should we maintain to prevent stockouts, especially with fluctuating demand?"
Knowledge preservation and operational excellence

Transitioning to prescriptive AI is more than just streamlining operations;
it's about building a foundation for robust and resilient business processes. 
Our AI solutions play a crucial role in digitizing and preserving the invaluable “tribal knowledge” of the seasoned professionals in your team, while not only safeguarding their expertise for future generations but also significantly enhancing the capabilities of employees currently engaged in manual tasks, providing them with a comprehensive view of operations. By implementing our advanced AI solutions and driving collaboration between human intelligence and machine precision, you can empower your team, ensure optimized operations and foster a forward-thinking, adaptable operational environment.
Advanced tools for
solving complex
Solvers are high-performance optimization tools used for solving a variety of mathematical problems. In our quest to deliver unparalleled solutions, we select the appropriate solver according to the problem specificities from a range of high-performance optimization solvers to achieve your objectives.

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