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Your challenges

Turn your challenges
into opportunities
with AI

Every day, professionals from various backgrounds talk to us about their desire to use artificial intelligence to overcome their challenges and improve their overall efficiency.

Together, we explore, for instance, how AI can help better anticipate market trends, optimize inventory management to prevent waste, or detect anomalies early enough to avoid problematic situations.

Whether in manufacturing, aeronautics, healthcare, retail, or transportation – to name just a few – the concerns are similar, yet set within unique contexts and requirements. At IVADO Labs, our goal is to transform your challenges into stepping stones to enhance your competitiveness, satisfy your clients, and continue your expansion by equipping your teams with intelligent tools that leverage the best of science and technology.

Of course, the possibilities don't end there. At IVADO Labs, we are leveraging predictive, prescriptive and generative AI capabilities to address complex challenges, ensuring that you are equipped with the most effective and versatile solutions to answer your needs.

Transportation and logistics

Streamlining the flow of goods for efficient port exchanges.


Minimizing ecological footprint by suggesting road routes that reduce empty mileage.


Guiding the allocation of products to ensure fair and efficient distribution of medical equipment in a pandemic context.

Work with us to harness the full potential of artificial intelligence and give yourself a competitive edge.

Our promise: cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions to solve your most complex problems.

Contact us to find out how we can put AI to work for your ambitions.