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Your challenges > Optimize sales space > Dynamic planogram

Enhance your space utilization in retail

up to 5%
sales increase
up to 20%
operational costs reduction
In the competitive world of retail, efficient space utilization is essential. If you're grappling with the creation of store-specific planograms, considering local assortments, and aiming to reduce the time spent on product stacking, our solution is tailored for you.

The challenges with current planogram practices

Traditional planograms issued by visual merchandisers often adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, disregarding the unique needs of individual stores.


Such standardized planograms don’t account for varying sales velocities and unique assortments of across stores, leading to:


  • Stockouts of high-demand Stock Keeping Units (SKUs);
  • Increased operational costs due to frequent replenishment trips from warehouse to aisle.

The cost of misalignment

Did you know that this misalignment between customer needs and space planning can lead to a 5% loss in sales and a 20% increase in operational costs? Our solution leverages top scientific expertise to offer a highly automated, dynamic programming-based tool for retail space optimization, which helps address these challenges.

Our solution: tailored,
scientific, shopper-friendly

AI algorithm
  • Minimizes the frequency of replenishment trips;
  • Balances supply with an extensive assortment, adhering to minimum order requirements.
Enhanced shopability
  • Facilitates quicker customer decision-making;
  • Incorporates merchandising best practices for optimal product placement.
Key advantages
  • Elevated visual merchandising and customer experience;
  • Optimal space utilization;
  • Synchronized strategic and operational goals;
  • Aligned Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for more effective performance tracking.
Competitive edges
Automated, store-specific planograms
Creates tailored planograms at scale, considering local assortments.
Unparalleled flexibility
Adapts to various racking systems and optimization variables, enabling User Interface (UI) comparisons and customizations.
Advanced scientific foundation
Developed by world-class researchers, our solution ensures superior planogram KPIs, including enhanced supply consistency and density optimization.

Let's explore your project together

Our dynamic optimization engine synthesizes sales data, product specifications, store layouts, and optimization variables to generate a customized planogram perfectly suited to your store's unique needs.

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