Our Investments

Ray-Mont Logistics


  • Optimization of the fiber production process

    Le projet vise à améliorer l’uniformité de la résistance des fibres en développant de nouvelles approches basées sur l’IA pour réduire l’impact négatif résultant de la qualité incohérente et variable des fibres recyclées utilisées au début du processus de transformation. Ce projet se concentrera sur la mise en œuvre d’une analyse prédictive et prescriptive avancée.

    Kruger Inc. (Montérégie)

    AI suppliers: Vooban

    Project value: $2,7M

    Contribution: $750K

  • Development of hardwood optimization processes based on artificial intelligence with deep learning

    The project consists in the implementation of optimizers allowing to identify visual and geometrical defects and geometric defects and to process the images generated by them with AI by deep learning on the production lines of first and second transformation of wood in its raw state.

    J.M. Champeau Inc. (Eastern Townships)

    AI suppliers: Bid Group

    Project value:  $2,7M

    Contribution: $500K

  • Machine learning driven electronic media detection solution

    The project consists in developing an algorithm that will be able to detect and alert the X-ray scanner operator to the potential presence of electronic devices (e.g. SD cards, USB) that could compromise data security.

    Voti Inc. (Montreal)

    AI suppliers: Data Performers

    Project value: $913K

    Contribution: $400K

  • Modernization of the Enviro-Connection Recovery (ECR) center

    The project consists of upgrading and automating our REC sorting center with intelligent robots to allow for greater operational flexibility and an increase in the volume, capture rate and quality of outgoing materials.

    Enviro Connexion. (Montreal)

    AI suppliers: Waste Robotics

    Project value: $1M

    Contribution: $350K

  • Intelligent automation of the scripting process for voice messages

    The project aims to reduce the pressure on writers and support the improvement of written texts by automating the script writing process through natural language processing, from the collection of production ideas to the automatic generation of scripts, thus minimizing production costs.

    Compro Communications. (Capitale-Nationale)

    Project value: $346K

    Contribution: $145K

  • Prediction of infrastructure usage for maintenance optimization

    The aim of the project is to use alternative data to forecast facilities usage inside a public infrastructure to adapt maintenance scheduling in order to improve service levels while using less resources.

    P.E.A.C.E. plus maintenance inc. (Montreal)

    AI suppliers: Data Performers

    Project value: $260K

    Contribution: $100K

  • A self-learning solution that targets the best candidates

    The project aims to gain efficiency through autonomous sourcing. Concretely, the algorithms developed will identify and then analyze thousands of CVs contained in databases and to rank candidates for a given job description using AI.

    Emplois Compétences (Eastern Townships)

    AI suppliers: Airudi

    Project value: $249K

    Contribution: $95K

  • Integration of artificial intelligence in optical sorters

    This project consists of integrating deep learning into the automated sorting of a stream of recyclable materials to optimize the process.

    Machinex Inc (Centre-du-Québec)

    AI suppliers: Updata, INO 

    Project value: $2,6M

    Contribution: $1M

  • Dynamic scheduling of finishing operations and automation of dryers using artificial intelligence

    The company is targeting dynamic scheduling of finishing operations. This will be followed by Dryer Automation, which will focus on the automation of drying decisions and the dynamic scheduling of drying activities.

    Boa-Franc SENC (Chaudière-Appalaches)

    AI suppliers: Vooban

    Project value: $2,2M

    Contribution: $1M

  • Self-programming of robots for surface treatments on landing gear parts

    The project aims to use industrial robots for complex surface treatment processes without manual or off-line programming, or even the use of part location templates. Automatic optimization by AI should exceed the performance of a human-generated program.

    Héroux-Devtek (Montérégie)

    AI suppliers: Omnirobotic

    Project value: $2,5M

    Contribution: $800K

  • Optimization of the logistics network mileage

    Cascades offers sustainable, innovative, and value-creating solutions in packaging, hygiene and recovery. In order to minimize the company’s ecological footprint, Cascades use AI algorithms to evaluate millions of trips lasting 1 to 5 days. To solution developed in partnership with IVADO Labs allows Cascades to identify optimal routes that minimize empty mileage while respecting Cascades contractual commitments and the regulatory framework.

    Cascades Canada ULC (Centre-du-Québec)

    AI suppliers: IVADO Labs

    Project value: $2,3M

    Contribution: $1M

  • Sales price prediction

    The project consists of a series of insights generated via predictive models to dynamically estimate the selling price by analyzing several complex variables so that the Krōps Group’s sales departments can know the trends in the Canadian fresh fruit and vegetable market.

    Krops Imports Inc. (Montreal)

    AI suppliers: Moov.AI

    Project value: $1,9M

    Contribution: $730K

  • AI Lift Model

    The model quantifies the impact of Wavo ads through machine learning techniques. Specifically developed to meet the needs of the music industry, it indicates sales performance and supports marketing efforts.

    WAVO.ME inc. (Montreal)

    Project value: $1,5M

    Contribution: $700K

  • AI assisted analysis of retinal imaging

    The project is for the development, deployment and enhancement of AI assisted screening for vascular changes in the retina using retinal fundus photography and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). The use of these diagnostic instruments and software will allow optometry clinics to screen for various retinopathies with the goal of early detection.

    IRIS Le Groupe Visuel (Laval)

    AI suppliers: Diagnos

    Project value: $2,3M

    Contribution: $675K

  • Artificial intelligence for quality journalism

    The six AI-based initiatives will point to sales, ad placement sales, readership lifecycle study, front page recommendations and automatic news generation to enable quality journalism.

    La Presse (2018) inc. (Montreal)

    Project value: $1,6M

    Contribution: $553K

  • Manufacturing tasks powered by predictive and prescriptive models

    The solution aims to maximize product compliance by optimizing the use of human and machine resources. It will provide greater flexibility via AI-powered predictive and prescriptive models based on the temporal layout of tasks.

    APN Inc. (Capitale-Nationale)

    Project value: $1,5M

    Contribution: $529K

  • Platform for integrity assessment of large infrastructures and facilities

    The project aims to automate the interpretation of data collected by visual imaging of large-scale infrastructures, in order to meet the challenges of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution.

    Torngats Technical Services (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI suppliers: INO

    Project value: $1,6M

    Contribution: $500K

  • Detection of unauthorized defects in a potato and sorting at the conveyor by robots

    Thanks to a vision algorithm based on neural networks and the installation of sensors, Patates Dolbec detects unauthorized defects on the production line.

    Patates Dolbec inc. (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI suppliers: Vooban 

    Project value: $883K

    Contribution: $442K

  • Personal Assistant for people living with a visual impairment

    The project aims to develop a personal assistant that will allow visually impaired people to recognize objects handled in everyday life, detect objects of interest and converse in natural language with a conversational agent in order to grasp the main characteristics of nearby objects.

    Technologies Humanware (Centre-du-Québec)

    AI suppliers: Nu Echo

    Project value: $812K

    Contribution: $400K

  • Slab AI

    The solution consists of automating the product quality assurance and raw material optimization function by integrating artificial intelligence into the organization’s processes.

    Polycor Inc. (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI suppliers: Extend AI

    Project value: $780K

    Contribution: $340K

  • Supply chain and logistics optimization with artificial intelligence

    The objective is to optimize the performance and environmental footprint of operations by predicting customer recyclable accumulations by market segment in order to plan optimal collection routes.

    RPM Eco (Laurentides)

    AI suppliers: Simwell, Osedea, AI3 conseil

    Project value: $1,1M

    Contribution: $332K

  • Demand forecast for the meat and fruit & vegetable departments

    The project aims to make store purchasing and processing operations more efficient for the meat and produce departments by forecasting demand and automating orders. The forecasts will improve labor planning and replenishment processes. 

    Métro Inc. (Montreal)

    AI suppliers: Moov. AI

    Project value: $1M

    Contribution: $330K

  • Candidate identification tool for generating unsupervised AI matches

    The project is based on the implementation of natural language analysis and classification analysis algorithms that link recruiters to the most interesting prospects for the roles they are trying to fill, in a professional and executive recruitment context.

    Placements AEM inc. — Radar Chasseurs De Talent (Laurentides)

    AI suppliers: Stent io

    Project value: $791K

    Contribution: $300K

  • Inferring dynamic hyperlinks within architectural blueprints

    The objective of this project is to develop a navigation tool for BIM experts to make their work more efficient and to generate a higher return on investment.

    Construction virtuelle et Technologie Bimone Inc. (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI suppliers: Data Performers

    Project value: $665K

  • Development of a chatbot with an avatar (PAM) and based on a correlation algorithm

    AI makes it possible to develop conversational machines that, by linking risks to prevention plan measures, make it possible to propose a recommendation to the employee to ensure safety at work.

    NOVO SST (Capitale-Nationale)

    Project value: $570K

    Contribution: $265K

  • AI enhanced process automation for aviation components manufacturing and inspection

    In the context of this program GE Aviation will perform one step towards cognitive robotics in the aviation manufacturing environment. Robotic systems, embedding deep learning and reinforcement learning algorithms will address classification, detection and motion planning challenges posed by the industrial manufacturing setting.

    General Electric Canada (Eastern Townships)

    Project value: $781K

    Contribution: $260K

  • Optimization of the quality control of the shavings

    The objective of this project is to use AI to control the feeding of the bags in order to have a constant volume inside them, limiting human intervention to a minimum and controlling the quality of the shavings.

    Tourbière Ouellet et Fils inc. (Bas-Saint-Laurent)

    AI suppliers: Vooban

    Project value: $560K

    Contribution: $250K

  • Automatic 10-min Cardiac Magnetic Resonance scan & analysis

    This project aims to accelerate the Cardiac Magnetic Resonance workflow by developing integrated and automated AI tools for reconstruction, enhancement, quality control, segmentation, and clinical metric extraction of novel ultrafast scanning protocols.

    Circle Cardiovascular Imaging (Montreal)

    Project value: $3,5M

    Contribution: $214K

  • Enhancement of our automated AI inspection systems

    AV&R is active in the aeronautics industry where part inspection is critical to aircraft safety. To reduce human intervention, AV&R wants to improve its detection performance, reduce the time to create recipes and automate the validation of recipes by using artificial intelligence.

    AV&R (Montérégie)

    AI suppliers: Bolero AI

    Project value: $576K

    Contribution: $200K

  • Assisted routing of translation projects via artificial intelligence

    The project aims to develop a tool to automate the process of analysis and allocation of translation requests. An NLP analysis algorithm, coupled with a series of predictive models, will provide the necessary estimates for the allocation of the project to the most appropriate resource.

    TRSB (Montreal)

    AI suppliers: Groupe NEOS

    Project value: $560K

    Contribution: $195K

  • Area prediction allowing the optimum filling speed of our apartments for rent

    Using AI, EMD Batimo lists its units according to their availability and rental value, in order to obtain optimal benefits and maximize its occupancy rate.

    EMD Batimo (Laurentides)

    AI suppliers: Data Science Institute

    Project value: $390K

    Contribution: $195K

  • Optimization of the diaper recycling process using a SCADA system and artificial intelligence

    Implementation of a SCADA system and optimization of the diaper recycling process by continuous artificial intelligence analysis in order to improve production consistency and product quality, increasing by at least 20% the quantity of treated rejects.

    RECYC php Inc. (Centre-du-Québec)

    AI suppliers: Data Performers

    Project value: $305K

    Contribution: $152K

  • Automation of administrative processes specialized in aeronautics

    The goal of the project is to automate data entry into the company’s ERP system in order to improve efficiency in managing compliance with aerospace standards

    Produits intégrés Avior inc. (Laval)

    Project value: $292K

    Contribution: $130K

  • Cinematic Segmentation for Virtual Reality Production

    Felix & Paul Virtual Reality Experience Studios uses AI processes to rotoscope images, reducing the repetitive and costly work that this technical process requires.

    Felix & Paul Studios Inc. (Montreal)

    Project value: $240K

    Contribution: $85K

  • Complis-IA program

    The ComplisIA program aims to equip Videotron’s Customer Experience Management with an Artificial Intelligence capable of minimizing operational frictions and increasing the desirability of its services.

    Vidéotron (Montreal)

    Project value: $3,5M

    Contribution: $1M

  • Inventory management and procurement platform optimisation

    Through the commercial development of Celliers Intelligents, restaurateurs will be able to acquire accurate predictive provisions that will save them the time required to manage the wine inventory of their business.

    Celliers Intelligents (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI suppliers: Levio

    Project value: $2,6M

    Contribution: $1M

  • Medical evaluation of a patients via a dialogue system

    The objective of the project is to automate the process of medical evaluation and patient triage via a dialogue system (chatbot) while improving medical quality and patient experience. The system would enhance Dialogue’s virtual care service.

    Dialogue inc. (Montreal)

    AI suppliers: MILA

    Project value: $2,2M

    Contribution: $946K

  • Improved discoverability and content recommendations in Stingray applications

    The goal is to improve the content discovery of Stingray Music applications by providing the user with better content recommendations through personalization.

    Stingray Group Inc. (Montreal)

    Project value: $1,3M

    Contribution: $500K

  • Providing factor-based investment model to help investors better forecast returns

    The project solves the most important problems for Inovestor: those related to the collection of data that prevent from maximizing its use and, ultimately, to revalue it to develop customized products for its customers. 

    Identification of candidates by AI

    Inovestor Inc. (Montreal)

    AI suppliers: Quantolio

    Project value: $798K

    Contribution: $395K

  • LexRockAI — Insurance

    With the collaboration of partners/clients from the insurance industry, the project aims to develop a platform that can be used in real-life situations and that can be used worldwide. Eventually, it will allow insurers

    and intermediaries to analyze group insurance contracts more finely and thus improve their productivity, speed and profitability.

    Irosoft Inc. (Montreal)

    Project value: $385K

    Contribution: $168K

  • Open platform to facilitate drug discovery research in both academic and industry settings

    The objective of the project is to enable scientists to discover molecules that could be effective against diseases, in a fully automated way, in order to save time and money in drug research and contribute to the well-being of the population.

    Invivo AI (Montreal)

    Project value: 211K


  • Predicting life expectancy

    The project consists of developing a solution producing better life expectancy reports than existing third-party providers. Such a solution will improve the overall underwriting process in terms of efficiency, time, and accuracy, resulting in better investment decisions.

    Alternative Capital Group Inc. (Montreal)

    AI suppliers: Moov. AI

    Project value: $137K

    Contribution: $66K

  • Hand pose estimation and tracking for extended reality

    The project aims to develop a process for tracking hand movements using artificial intelligence. Ultimately, it will pave the way for innovation in the field of extended reality, i.e. the experience of environments where reality and the virtual are one.

    Collabora (Canada) inc. (Montreal)

    Project value: $109K

    Contribution: $55K

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