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Our Investments

94 productivity improvement projects using AI

Ray-Mont Logistics


  • Optimization of the fiber production process

    Kruger aims to improve the fiber strength consistency by developing new approaches to reduce the negative impact on inconsistent recycled fiber quality caused by the variability of the fiber at the beginning of the process and understand how we can act effectively to optimize output. This will be followed by better predicting the output quality of the fiber to minimize production cost. This project will focus on implementing advanced predictive & prescriptive analytics supported by Machine Learning (ML), to predict and calibrate fiber quality to provide better quality control.


    Kruger Inc. (Mauricie)

    AI suppliers: Vooban

    Project value: $1.8M

    Contribution: $370K

    AI technology: Regression

  • Development of hardwood optimization processes based on artificial intelligence with deep learning

    The project consists of developing optimizers to detect visual and geometric defects by using deep learning on images from our production lines for first and second raw wood transformation.

    J.M. Champeau Inc. (Eastern Townships)

    AI suppliers: Bid Group

    Project value: $2,7M

    Contribution: $500K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Machine learning driven electronic media detection solution

    The scope of this project is to develop a machine learning driven electronic media detection algorithm. This detection solution will be integrated with our existing x-ray scanner technology for customers that are seeking automated detection assistance in order to protect ingress and egress of data bearing devices into / out of their facilities, which could pose a risk to data security. By automatically identifying and alerting the scanner operator of the potential presence of these devices, the tool reduces the dependence upon visual detection. This task can be incredibly challenging, particularly for smaller media devices (e.g. SD card, USB sticks, etc.).

    Voti Inc. (Montreal)

    AI suppliers: and Zetane

    Project value: $270K

    Contribution: $120K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Modernization of the Enviro-Connection Recovery (ECR) center

    The project consists of upgrading and automating our REC sorting center with intelligent robots to allow for greater operational flexibility and an increase in the volume, capture rate and quality of outgoing materials.

    Enviro Connexion. (Montreal)

    AI suppliers: Waste Robotics

    Project value: $746K

    Contribution: $275K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Intelligent automation of the scripting process for voice messages

    Compro, an innovative company in the field of voice messaging, wants to automate the process of writing voice message scripts. Largely thanks to natural language processing, Compro wants to automate the entire process, from the collection of production ideas to the automatic generation of scripts. This automation will reduce the pressure on editors and will allow them to focus on improving the written texts.

    Compro Communications. (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI Supplier: Videns

    Project value: $366K

    Contribution: $145K

    AI technology: NLP

  • Prediction of infrastructure usage for maintenance optimization

    The aim of the project is to use alternative data to forecast facilities usage inside a public infrastructure to adapt maintenance scheduling in order to improve service levels while using less resources.

    P.E.A.C.E. plus maintenance inc. (Montreal)

    AI suppliers: Seed AI

    Project value: $163K

    Contribution: $75K

    AI technology: Regression

  • A self-learning solution that targets the best candidates

    The project aims to gain efficiency through autonomous sourcing. Concretely, the algorithms developed will identify and then analyze thousands of CVs contained in databases and to rank candidates for a given job description using AI.

    Emplois Compétences (Eastern Townships)

    AI suppliers: Airudi

    Project value: $190K

    Contribution: $71K

    AI technology: NLP

  • Integration of artificial intelligence in optical sorters

    Integration of deep learning in the automated sorting of a recyclable material stream to optimize the process.

    Machinex Inc (Centre-du-Québec)

    AI suppliers: Updata, INO 

    Project value: $3,3M

    Contribution: $1M

    AI technology: Vision

  • Dynamic scheduling of finishing operations and automation of dryers using artificial intelligence

    Promoting innovation as a business model, Boa-Franc wishes to implement artificial intelligence in its processes to optimize them. Boa-Franc’s first phase of the project is aimed at the dynamic scheduling of finishing operations. The second part of the project will focus on the automation of dryers, which will mainly deal with the automation of drying decisions and the dynamic scheduling of drying activities.

    Boa-Franc SENC (Chaudière-Appalaches)

    AI suppliers: Vooban

    Project value: $2,3M

    Contribution: $1M

    AI technology: OR

  • Self-programming of robots for surface treatments on landing gear parts

    Adaptation and deployment of an industrial grade perception and cognition platform allowing the use of industrial robots to apply complex surface treatment processes without requiring manual programming, off-line programming or even the use of part location templates. The artificial intelligence platform requires the modeling of each process, the creation of a virtual twin of each robotic cell and the modeling of the application constraints of each process. Finally, the objectives to be achieved for each part must also be defined. Automatic optimization by AI should exceed the performance of a human generated program.

    Héroux-Devtek (Montérégie)

    AI suppliers: Omnirobotic

    Project value: $498K

    Contribution: $204K

    AI technology: Regression

  • Optimization of the logistics network mileage

    Development and deployment of AI-Powered solution to optimize Cascades’ logistic network. AI algorithms will evaluate millions of routes lasting from 1 to 5 days. The tool is going to find the optimal routes that minimize empty mileage while respecting business and legislation constraints.

    Cascades Canada ULC (Centre-du-Québec)

    AI suppliers: IVADO Labs

    Project value: $1,8M

    Contribution: $847K

    AI technology: OR

  • Sales price prediction

    The Osiris project consists of a series of insights generated via predictive models to dynamically estimate the selling price by analyzing several complex variables so that the Krōps Group’s sales departments can know the trends in the Canadian fresh fruit and vegetable market, as opposed to the current framework based on personal interpretation of available informal data. Osiris will be a revolution in the industry and will enable Krōps teams to generate value with suppliers, customers as well as the company itself.

    Krops Imports Inc. (Montreal)

    AI suppliers: Moov.AI

    Project value: $1,3M

    Contribution: $627K

    AI technology: Regression

  • AI Lift Model

    The ‘lift model’ that Wavo is developing is a machine learning model that, given a variety of data (social time-series metrics, music industry metrics, artist and track metrics), aims to quantify the incremental effect of Wavo’s advertising. We are building a lift model specific to the music industry that predicts the impact that marketing and advertising provide above native demand – ie, the increase in sales, listeners and other key performance indicators (KPIs) gained that would not have occurred without marketing efforts.

    WAVO.ME inc. (Montreal)

    Project value: $1,9M

    Contribution: $700K

    AI technology: Regression

  • AI assisted analysis of retinal imaging

    The project is for the development, deployment and enhancement of artificial intelligence (AI) assisted screening for vascular changes in the retina using retinal fundus photography and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). The use of these diagnostic instruments and software will allow optometry clinics to screen for various retinopathies with the goal of early detection. The objective is to build a model with 3 algorithms incorporating the specifics of the Quebec population, the methodology of the IRIS optometrists to grade retina images and the equipment used (Fundus and OCT) to predict, with high accuracy, the presence of a macular irregularity at the point of care, in a pre-test mode with a high level of confidence. For reference, pre-testing is a series of measurements taken by a technician, often using diagnostic equipment. These measurements are then transferred to the optometrist for interpretation prior to, during or after the patient appointment.

    IRIS Le Groupe Visuel (Laval)

    AI suppliers: edm

    Project value: $2,3M

    Contribution: $675K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Artificial intelligence for quality journalism

    The six AI-based initiatives will point to sales, ad placement sales, readership lifecycle study, front page recommendations and automatic news generation to enable quality journalism.

    La Presse (2018) inc. (Montreal)

    Project value: $1,6M

    Contribution: $460K

    AI technology: NLP

  • Manufacturing tasks powered by predictive and prescriptive models

    The solution aims to maximize the production of compliant products by optimizing the use of human and machine resources (robots/automats). The connected data will be exploited by predictive and prescriptive models allowing greater flexibility on the temporal layout of the tasks. The solution includes tool life prediction for exotic materials such as Inconel, where tool life usually behaves stochastically. These predictions will then feed the control system.

    APN Inc. (Capitale-Nationale)

    Project value: $1,4M

    Contribution: $436K

    AI technology: OR & Regression

  • Platform for integrity assessment of large infrastructures and facilities

    This project aims to integrate the artificial intelligence into the data process pipeline, to automate the data interpretation process of the non-destructive inspection by visual imaging of large infrastructures, under the frame of the Industry 4.0 revolution.

    Torngats Technical Services (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI suppliers: INO

    Project value: $1,3M

    Contribution: $455K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Detection of unauthorized defects in a potato and sorting at the conveyor by robots

    Patates Dolbec wants to implement artificial intelligence in its potato sorting process. Using a modern vision algorithm based on deep neural networks and the installation of sensors and cameras, we want to detect defects directly on the production line. The sorting of these defects, 30% of which escape the upstream industrial sorting solution (NewTech), is currently done by visual inspection by two workers. In addition to detecting defects, the workers must manually remove the potatoes, a task that is imprecise (30% of rejects are unnecessary) and promotes injuries due to repetitive movements.

    Patates Dolbec inc. (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI suppliers: Vooban 

    Project value: $1M

    Contribution: $500K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Personal Assistant for people living with a visual impairment

    The project aims to develop a personal assistant that will allow visually impaired people to recognize objects handled in everyday life, detect objects of interest and converse in natural language with a conversational agent in order to grasp the main characteristics of nearby objects. The personal assistant will be composed of a conversational agent running on the cloud, a software application running on a HumanWare proprietary embedded platform and allowing to recognize/detect objects and to communicate with the conversational agent via web services.

    Technologies Humanware (Centre-du-Québec)

    AI suppliers: Nu Echo

    Project value: $988K

    Contribution: $400K

    AI technology: Vision & NLP

  • Slab AI

    Automation of the product quality assurance function and raw material optimization through the integration of artificial intelligence.

    Polycor Inc. (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI suppliers: Extend AI

    Project value: $584K

    Contribution: $279K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Supply chain and logistics optimization with artificial intelligence

    In the first phase, RPM eco wants to use predictive models of recyclables accumulation based on customer history, by market segment, to plan its pickup routes for recycling materials. In a second phase, it wants to use artificial intelligence to replicate the work of dispatchers who assemble routes in order to reduce resource use, maximize volume per truck, reduce unprofitable trips, improve customer satisfaction, and most importantly, reduce greenhouse gases (GHG)

    RPM Eco (Laurentides)

    AI suppliers: Simwell, Osedea, AI3 conseil

    Project value: $986K

    Contribution: $332K

    AI technology: OR

  • Demand forecast for the meat and fruit & vegetable departments

    The Ceres project consists of making the purchasing and in-store processing operations for the meat and produce departments more efficient by generating quality demand forecasts to allow the ordering process to be automated. The forecasts generated will improve the labor planning, purchasing, processing and replenishment processes. The project aims to contribute to the strategic objectives by limiting waste, lost sales and gaining operational efficiencies.

    Métro Inc. (Montreal)

    AI suppliers: Moov. AI

    Project value: $1M

    Contribution: $330K

    AI technology: Regression

  • Candidate identification tool for generating unsupervised AI matches

    We aim to achieve an optimized solicitation system through the implementation of NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms and the addition of neural layers (Deep Learning), allowing to substantially increase the probability of matches between a recruiter and a prospect while minimizing human intervention in the laborious and complex recruitment process.

    Placements AEM inc. — Radar Chasseurs De Talent (Laurentides)

    AI suppliers: Stent io

    Project value: $716K

    Contribution: $300K

    AI technology: NLP

  • Inferring dynamic hyperlinks within architectural blueprints

    The BIM experts of BIMone firm are tasked with auditing 2D construction plans, ensuring consistency between 3D models and 2D plans and the production of models. To accomplish this job, BIM experts must navigate manually through thousands of unrelated 2D plans on a daily basis. This generates a considerable loss of time and efficiency for our BIM experts and leaves a significant margin of error in the client’s deliverable. The aim of this project is to develop a navigation aid tool for BIM experts in order to make their work efficient and generate a return on the investment.

    Construction virtuelle et Technologie Bimone Inc. (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI suppliers: Data Performers

    Project value: $605K

    Contribution: $270K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Development of a chatbot with an avatar (PAM) and based on a correlation algorithm

    Novo SST wishes to develop a chatbot / conversational device with an avatar (PAM) and based on a correlation algorithm to process the declarations by linking risks and measures of the prevention plan to allow a recommendation to the Novo SST employee in a first step (Quick Wins project), which will allow to set up in parallel a reinforcement learning model to automate this logic in the Large Scale project

    NOVO SST (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI Suppliers: Airudi

    Project value: $495K

    Contribution: $214K

    AI technology: NLP

  • AI enhanced process automation for aviation components manufacturing and inspection

    In the context of this program GE Aviation will perform one step towards cognitive robotics in the aviation manufacturing environment. Robotic systems, embedding deep learning and reinforcement learning algorithms will address classification, detection and motion planning challenges posed by the industrial manufacturing setting.

    General Electric Canada (Eastern Townships)

    Project value: $207K

    Contribution: $33K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Optimization of the quality control of the shavings

    Litière Ouellet produces farm animal bedding, commonly called “shavings”. The objective of this project is to use AI to control the feeding of the bags in order to have a constant volume inside them, limiting human intervention to a minimum and controlling the quality of the shavings. Our operations are now massively dependent on the expertise of our employees and our current machinery. AI will allow us to optimize and automate certain activities to obtain the desired productivity gains.

    Tourbière Ouellet et Fils inc. (Bas-Saint-Laurent)

    AI suppliers: Vooban

    Project value: $423K

    Contribution: $203K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Automatic 10-min Cardiac Magnetic Resonance scan & analysis

    This project aims to accelerate the Cardiac Magnetic Resonance workflow by developing integrated and automated AI tools for reconstruction, enhancement, quality control, segmentation, and clinical metric extraction of novel ultrafast scanning protocols.

    Circle Cardiovascular Imaging (Montreal)

    Project value: $3,6M

    Contribution: $214K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Enhancement of our automated AI inspection systems

    AV&R is active in the aeronautics industry where part inspection is critical to aircraft safety. In order to reduce human intervention, AV&R wants to improve its detection performance, reduce the time to create recipes and automate the validation of recipes by using artificial intelligence.

    AV&R (Montérégie)

    AI suppliers: Bolero AI

    Project value: $324K

    Contribution: $95K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Assisted routing of translation projects via artificial intelligence

    The project aims to develop a tool to automate the process of analysis and allocation of translation requests. An NLP analysis algorithm, coupled with a series of predictive models, will provide the necessary estimates (nature, complexity, cost, duration) for the allocation of the project to the most appropriate resource.

    TRSB (Montreal)

    AI suppliers: Groupe NEOS

    Project value: $450K

    Contribution: $156K

    AI technology: NLP

  • Area prediction allowing the optimum filling speed of our apartments for rent

    1- Predict the number of new units rented per month of a potential Senior Residence (RPA) site while respecting the minimum rental price.
    2- Prescribe the optimal rental price list to optimize the operation revenues while respecting the rental timeframe.

    EMD Batimo (Laurentides)

    AI suppliers: Data Science Institute

    Project value: $390K

    Contribution: $195K

    AI technology: OR

  • Optimization of the diaper recycling process using a SCADA system and artificial intelligence

    Implementation of a SCADA system and optimization of the diaper recycling process by continuous artificial intelligence analysis in order to improve production consistency and product quality, increasing by at least 20% the quantity of treated rejects.

    RECYC php Inc. (Centre-du-Québec)

    AI suppliers: Data Performers

    Project value: $331K

    Contribution: $140K

    AI technology: Regression

  • Automation of administrative processes specialized in aeronautics

    The goal of the project is to automate data entry into the company’s ERP system in order to improve efficiency in managing compliance with aerospace standards. As a first phase of this project, we want to automate the capture of invoices, the management of calibration certificates and the management of compliance certificates. We decided to start our business process transformation using AI on these processes because we have a lot of data (over 60,000 invoices) already pre-classified and structured for this project.)

    Produits intégrés Avior inc. (Laval)

    AI Supplier: Bolero AI

    Project value: $157K

    Contribution: $73K

    AI technology: NLP

  • Cinematic Segmentation for Virtual Reality Production

    In order to deliver a compelling VR experience, Felix & Paul Studios (FPS) needs to correct the stereoscopy and stitching by adjusting the perspective of the foreground, differently than the background. In the context of the Space Explorers project with NASA with footage captured in the International Space Station (ISS) we must segment foreground (humans and props) from the background of the ISS, especially in the action shots, in stereo and 360 degree footage. This segmentation process is usually performed manually by compositing artists (Rotoscopy). It is very labour intensive, extremely repetitive for the artists and expensive for Felix & Paul.

    Felix & Paul Studios Inc. (Montreal)

    Project value: $162K

    Contribution: $69K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Complis-IA program

    The ComplisIA program aims to equip Videotron’s Customer Experience Management with an Artificial Intelligence capable of minimizing operational frictions and increasing the desirability of its services. The program supports all activities related to the exploitation of analytical data around the customer in a Big Data environment. It also supports the exploration, operationalization and continuous improvement of self-learning analytical models.

    Vidéotron (Montreal)

    AI Suppliers: Alten, Alithya

    Project value: $3,5M

    Contribution: $1M

    AI technology: Regression

  • Inventory management and procurement platform optimisation

    Through the commercial development of Alfred Technologies, restaurateurs will be able to acquire accurate predictive provisions that will save them the time required to manage the wine inventory of their business.

    Alfred Technologies Inc. (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI suppliers: Levio

    Project value: $2,1M

    Contribution: $862k

    AI technology: Regression

  • Medical evaluation of a patients via a dialogue system

    The objective of the project is to automate the process of medical evaluation and patient triage via a dialogue system (chatbot) while improving medical quality and patient experience. The system would enhance Dialogue’s virtual care service.

    Dialogue inc. (Montreal)

    AI suppliers: MILA

    Project value: $2,2M

    Contribution: $946K

    AI technology: NLP

  • Improved discoverability and content recommendations in Stingray applications

    The main objective of the project is to improve the discoverability of the content of the Stingray Music, Qello Concerts and Stingray Classica applications, available on Android phones, iPhone and on the web, by providing the user with better adapted content recommendations and by personalizing the content to the user. We want to use artificial intelligence technologies, more specifically deep networks, to build predictive and classification models that will help display content adapted to the situation and interests of users.

    Stingray Group Inc. (Montreal)

    Project value: $281k

    Contribution: $82k

    AI technology: Regression

  • Providing factor-based investment model to help investors better forecast returns

    The project solves the largest problems for Inovestor: Data collection issues that prevents us to maximize data usage, and offer a broader product selection that will allow for tailored client solutions, by Increasing operational efficiency via information extraction and topic modelling of Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) and Leveraging deep learning techniques to create an AI-powered Factor-based Investing Center to help its customers adopt a more robust and disciplined approach to investing.

    Inovestor Inc. (Montreal)

    AI suppliers: Quantolio

    Project value: $798K

    Contribution: $395K

    AI technology: NLP

  • LexRockAI — Insurance

    Project to develop, adapt and validate a platform for analyzing and learning unstructured documents in the insurance industry, particularly documents from the group insurance sector. With the collaboration of partners/clients from the insurance industry, the project aims to develop a platform that can be used in real-life situations and that can be used worldwide. The project is based on technologies, algorithms and AI models. Eventually, it will allow insurers and intermediaries to analyze group insurance contracts more finely and thus improve their productivity, speed and profitability.

    Irosoft Inc. (Montreal)

    Project value: $385K

    Contribution: $168K

    AI technology: NLP

  • Open platform to facilitate drug discovery research in both academic and industry settings

    As an early step in drug discovery, hit identification involves testing molecules in a cellular or biochemical model of disease. Molecules that show early signs of efficacy in these models (e.g. a molecule that kills cancer cells) are then advanced for further evaluation as drug candidates. However, much of this testing is done by screening large chemical libraries in a randomized fashion, with scientists having limited ability to know a priori whether the molecules they decide to evaluate are likely to be efficacious. We therefore wish to develop an AI-enabled platform for molecular search. We wish to allow scientists to select molecules likely to be efficacious in their specific disease model, in a fully automated fashion, to help save time and costs in drug discovery research.

    Valence Discovery (Montreal)

    Project value: $211K

    Contribution: $105K

    AI technology: Reinforcement

  • Predicting life expectancy

    The project consists of developing a solution producing better life expectancy reports than existing third-party providers. Such a solution will improve the overall underwriting process in terms of efficiency, time and accuracy, resulting in better investment decisions.

    Alternative Capital Group Inc. (Montreal)

    AI suppliers: Moov. AI

    Project value: $137K

    Contribution: $66K

    AI technology: Regression

  • Hand pose estimation and tracking for extended reality

    Vision-based hand tracking is a key component that is raising in importance and will in the future be ubiquitous as part of interaction studies in a broad range of areas such as extended reality (XR), encompassing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and other human-computer interactions (HCI). This project has developed a free and Open Source state-of-the-art vision-based hand pose estimation and tracking pipeline which can be integrated into existing XR frameworks such as Monado (

    Collabora (Canada) inc. (Montreal)

    Project value: $109K

    Contribution: $55K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Optimization of the manufacturing process of optical pressure sensors for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

    OpSens develops medical technologies based on a component called microsystem electromechanical (MEMS) whose manufacture is complex. These MEMS are tiny sensors optical pressure gauges placed in guidewires to measure blood pressure at different places in the cardiovascular system, especially in the heart arteries and ventricles. The objective of the project is to allow the early detection of defective MEMS and the optimization of their production through vision and manufacturing intelligence techniques

    OPSENS INC. (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI Suppliers: CIMMI

    Project value: $438K

    Contribution: $180K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Development of an inspection system for sanitary and rainwater pipes assisted by artificial intelligence

    Development of a technology that will increase the productivity of sewer system inspection work through the creation of new inspection equipment. The camera developed will allow continuous (uninterrupted) inspection of sewer networks. Software will be developed to automatically detect anomalies. This software will perform video analyzes more quickly and reduce the subjectivity of the analysis. The software’s use of the data from this camera will give access to richer information and provide more precise analysis.

    CAN-EXPLORE INC. (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI Suppliers: Jacobb, INO

    Project value: $2.1M

    Contribution: $500K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Optimization of inventory management thanks to an artificial intelligence algorithm for forecasting sales

    Flip Design is a Quebec manufacturing company producing school uniform for over 25 years. The aim of this project is to use artificial intelligence to obtain an accurate sales forecast in order to optimize production and management of our inventory. We have two big periods a year in school uniform sales, however our factory operates annually. Thus, it becomes crucial to foresee our sales to assess the quantity of products to produce by color, size and school.

    VÊTEMENTS FLIP DESIGN (Centre-du-Québec)

    AI Suppliers: Vooban

    Project value: $208K

    Contribution: $102K

    AI technology: OR & Regression

  • Pre-construction Intelligent Support

    Creation of an environment based on artificial intelligence models to help decision and risk management on proposals for complex construction projects.

    POMERLEAU (Chaudière-Appalaches)

    AI Suppliers: Zetane

    Project value: $1.4M

    Contribution: $550K

    AI technology: NLP & Regression


  • Automatic weld inspection system for steel buildings

    The project is aimed at the design and deployment of automated inspection systems for steel joists for assembly/welding lines. The system must be able to adapt to varying conditions (surrounding lighting, available space, line configuration, movement of joists), know how to recognize the presence or absence of welds and know how to analyze their defects. The use of artificial intelligence and machine vision will serve to reduce or even eliminate the need for visual inspection by a human.

    GROUPE CANAM INC. (Chaudière-Appalaches)

    AI Suppliers: Vooban

    Project value: $2.1M

    Contribution: $785K

    AI technology: Vision

  • SmartSuite, Sharethrough’s AI-driven set of exchange optimization tools

    This project will enhance the machine learning capabilities of Sharethrough’s SmartSuite portfolio. SmartSuite is optimizing each step of an impression’s journey through our exchange.


    AI Suppliers: Moov.AI

    Project value: $8.1M

    Contribution: $377K

    AI technology: Regression

  • Development of a dynamic purchase and resale pricing solution for the golf industry

    This project uses AI to develop a dynamic purchase and resale price solution, which will be integrated into our application systems for the golf industry. This solution aims to offer the right price in an environment that does not follow the usual market rules.

    GOLF AVENUE INC. (Montréal)

    Project value: $779K

    Contribution: $175K

    AI technology: Reinforcement

  • Dealing with recycling intelligently

    The project consists of developing tools for predicting supply and demand based on major global trends and known transactional data in the field of recycling.


    AI Suppliers:

    Project value: $388K

    Contribution: $140K

    AI technology: Regression

  • Artificial intelligence applied to non-destructive testing

    This project will develop an assisted analysis system, based on state-of-the-art AI/ML modeling, for data from non-destructive testing (NDT) of steel tubes inspected with ECT (eddy current testing) technologies and RFT (remote field test). The system aims to improve the speed and quality of fault detection in heat exchangers, boilers, and other systems using bundles of steel tubes. The solution will benefit asset integrity inspection service providers as well as industrial asset owners. In a broader vision, the project will allow improve the effectiveness of asset management programs and reduce the occurrence of unplanned downtime.

    NDT QUEBEC INC. (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI Suppliers: NQB

    Project value: $2M

    Contribution: $380K

    AI technology: Regression

  • Conversational chatbot to optimize and personalize the customer experience in the real estate sector

    This project aims to develop an integrated conversational engine that will automate a large number of conversations in order to improve the customer experience and internal operational efficiency. The challenge lies in having a language understanding engine specific to LOGISCO with processing and language understanding for Quebec French.

    LOGISCO (Chaudière-Appalaches)

    AI Suppliers: Botpress

    Project value: $167K

    Contribution: $75K

    AI technology: NLP

  • System to help medical billing data entry using artificial intelligence

    This project consists of optimizing the entry of handwritten and digitized medical billing information. Using artificial intelligence, we want to speed up processing time and reduce errors through automatic document recognition, automatic data transcription, and auto-correction of current data.

    PURKINJE (Montréal)

    AI Suppliers: Vooban

    Project value: $1.3M

    Contribution: $250K

    AI technology: Vision & NLP

  • Automating and scaling candidate referrals

    The project aims to maximize all the steps necessary for the implementation of an employer branding and SEO 2.0 program. In fact, thanks to the potential of artificial intelligence, the active solicitation of potential candidates through Alithya employees, the intelligent improvement of this involvement and a new employer brand visibility program using NLP techniques will compensate for several limitations of our current program.

    ALITHYA CANADA INC. (Montréal)

    AI Suppliers:

    Project value: $726k

    Contribution: $285K

    AI technology: NLP

  • Development of a fluid sealing optimization network for industrial rotating equipment, or fSONET (Fluid Sealing Optimization Network)

    To optimize the use of seals on critical equipment for existing and future customers, Robco is developing a Fluid Sealing Optimization Network for Industrial Rotating Equipment, or fSONET (Fluid Sealing Optimization Network), which leverages a secure IIOT architecture, sensors, a detailed performance database and artificial intelligence algorithms to transform traditional maintenance practices of compression packing seals, into scientifically optimized, preventive and prescriptive maintenance.

    ROBCO INC. (Montréal)

    AI Suppliers: Vooban

    Project value: $1M

    Contribution: $300K

    AI technology: Regression

  • Development of customer segmentation and marketing targeting tools

    This project aims to influence the right targets to react more quickly to a suitable rental offer to accelerate the filling speed and to characterize the propensity to purchase of a prospect who initiates a relationship or a request for information for a type of product.


    AI Suppliers: Data Science Institute

    Project value: $441K

    Contribution: $150K

    AI technology: Regression

  • Intelligent robotic painting system

    Automation of the powder coating spray line with self-programming robots. The system will be able to find and recognize the items to be painted and will automatically generate robot programs based on their position in space.

    TEKNION ROY & BRETON INC. (Chaudière-Appalaches)

    AI Suppliers: Omnirobotic

    Project value: $2.2M

    Contribution: $330K

    AI technology: Regression

  • Personalized recipe recommendation engine for subscribers of RICARDO+, RICARDO's new digital subscription offer.

    In order to allow RICARDO+ subscribers to become more efficient in planning their meals, the recommendations engine developed within the framework of the RICARDO IA project will offer personalized recipe recommendations based on their preferences, their browsing paths, the trends of others subscribers, recipe viewing time trends and the criteria specified at the time of the request.

    RICARDO MEDIA INC. (Montérégie)

    AI Suppliers: Moov.AI

    Project value: $925K

    Contribution: $365K

    AI technology: Regression

  • Optimization of planning for the production of potato bags.

    With the help of artificial intelligence and operational research, we want to simplify, automate and optimize daily planning for washing and packing potatoes according to different criteria and constraints. We want a tool that can plan over a period of a few days the washing and packaging sequence of our products.

    PATATES DOLBEC INC. (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI Suppliers: Vooban

    Project value: $1.4M

    Contribution: $500K

    AI technology: Regression & OR

  • Automation of information entry and service contracts verification

    This project aims to facilitate and accelerate the service contract processing system used for invoicing. Initially, a data entry assistance system will be developed to allow crane operators to fill out their forms more efficiently while limiting errors. A support system for reviewing service contracts will then be designed to allow dispatchers to quickly identify contracts that require their expertise while accelerating the processing of simple contracts that do not require their expertise. Artificial intelligence will be used for these two systems thanks to a common base, i.e. a language model making it possible to classify documents and make suggestions for filling in forms.

    GUAY INC. (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI Suppliers: Vooban

    Project value: $1.6M

    Contribution: $570K

    AI technology: NLP

  • Development of an algorithm for the processing and interpretation of data from the seismic refraction method by deep learning

    The “REFRACT-AI” project consists of developing and implementing a model using Artificial Intelligence, more precisely deep learning, which would be used for further automation of the refraction seismic data processing process, in particular with regard to the scoring or the “picking” of the finish times.


    AI Suppliers: CRIM

    Project value: $1M

    Contribution: $370K

    AI technology: Regression

  • Artificial intelligence in support of the general inspection process at the OIIQ

    The OIIQ is currently carrying out a complete overhaul of its professional inspection methods, for more optimal public protection. To ensure better oversight of nursing practice, the OIIQ’s strategic plan provides for a considerable increase in the number of general inspections carried out annually by multiplying it by three by 2025. Given the large number of members within the nursing profession, the OIIQ being the largest order in the Quebec professional system with its more than 82,000 members, it is necessary toget efficient means to inspect members at real risk. The organization thus wishes to use artificial intelligence in order to be able to optimize the automation of certain activities of the review current process.


    AI Suppliers: Groupe conseil SynergIA, Leap Conseil

    Project value: $2.2M

    Contribution: $695K

    AI technology: NLP & Regression

  • OCTSENSE, an AI technology to detect and identify wireless networks and their characteristics quickly and reliably.

    For equipment users who need to conduct operations quickly, efficiently and with greater autonomy, OCTSENSE is an AI technology for monitoring and configuring wireless networks, which allows to detect and identify networks faster and more reliably. Unlike current technologies that use manual and rigid methods, this AI-powered platform will perform fast and error-free configuration of equipment to ensure mission success.

    OCTASIC (Montréal)

    AI Suppliers: Moov.AI

    Project value: $2M

    Contribution: $720K

    AI technology: Regression

  • Accelerate revenue from voluntary contributions using Data Science

    In January 2019, La Presse launched a voluntary contribution program allowing readers to financially support La Presse through a one-time or recurring donation. This project will aim to rely on artificial intelligence in order to secure current donations and achieve annual growth objectives.

    LA PRESSE 2019 (Montréal)

    Project value: $1.1M

    Contribution: $390K

    AI technology: Regression

  • Development of a tool for analyzing photos of human faces for the detection and evolution of physical characteristics related to the skin.

    Omy Laboratoires develops and markets responsible, healthy and personalized skin care. Using advanced diagnostics including photo analysis thanks to artificial intelligence, Omy will be able to offer ultra-personalized products.

    OMY LABORATOIRES (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI Suppliers: Videns

    Project value: $700K

    Contribution: $220K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Optimization of routes & schedules

    The project consists of the design of an intelligent system for creating timetables and routes capable of adapting to different factors that are changing and difficult to plan in advance. The generated schedules should increase the productivity of our teams on the road and reduce the planning efforts required by the administration team.

    GROUPE H2PRO INC. (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI Suppliers:

    Project value: $291K

    Contribution: $110K

    AI technology: OR

  • Automated improvements to the bid solicitation process

    In order to improve the quality of its services and reduce the number of low value-added tasks for its employees, the company wishes to automate a large number of tasks relating to the processing of requests for quotations through the development of automated systems using machine learning. The contribution of the project will consist in increasing the quality of the sorting of the requests formulated on the online platform by the customer service to establish the closest and precise relation possible between the work needs formulated by the customers in the projects and the know-how of affiliated client-entrepreneurs. Finally, it will be a question of preventing the departure of client-entrepreneurs and optimizing the sale price of leads taking into account the risks involved.


    AI Suppliers: Momentum

    Project value: $625K

    Contribution: $245K

    AI technology: Regression

  • Design of an artificial intelligence application to optimize the management of raw material inventories.

    We are currently carrying out our demand forecasts and optimizing raw material inventories with an Excel file that has reached its limits to be effective. Maintenance is difficult and the slightest inadvertent human error in the formulas can turn into a nightmare. We will first modernize our data governance processes and reengineer data pipelines in order to implement artificial intelligence models (i.e. predictions and prescriptions) to optimize the management of our raw material inventories.

    TEKNION ROY & BRETON (Chaudière-Appalaches)

    AI Suppliers: Data Science Institute

    Project value: $764K

    Contribution: $140K

    AI technology: Regression & OR

  • Professional AI-powered photo editing wizard

    In order to follow the market trend towards automation, manage a growing quantity of clients and photos, and compensate for the scarcity of experienced editors, it is imperative for the company to equip itself with very efficient in order to optimize its key processes. This project consists of developing and integrating machine learning models allowing the automation of the configuration of basic EBBC parameters (Exposure, White Balance, Contrast), as well as cropping (cropping and alignment), without however reducing the quality level of retouched photos, which is directly linked to the company’s international reputation.

    9327-2920 QUÉBEC INC. (Montréal)

    AI Suppliers: Moov.AI

    Project value: $706K

    Contribution: $275K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Identification of texts eligible for post-editing

    The project aims to create a tool to automate the process of analyzing translation requests in order to automatically identify requests eligible for the post-editing process. A predictive classification model will provide, based on the characteristics of the document (type of document, average length of sentences, number of relation markers, etc.), the probability that the document is admissible.


    AI Suppliers: Groupe Neos

    Project value: $241K

    Contribution: $60K

    AI technology: NLP & Regression

  • Automation and data analysis to optimize the production rate and implement predictive maintenance of equipment

    The ITO project aims to increase the production rate of a recycling plant and reduce dependency on labor by analyzing data from the production line to add recommendations, automated controls and predict maintenance needs on critical equipment


    AI Suppliers: Vooban, Mécatronique

    Project value: $1.7M

    Contribution: $515K

    AI technology: Vision & Regression & OR

  • AI-powered linear regression analysis to predict customer churn

    Gestion FÉRIQUE aims to improve client retention through the development of an artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning solution capable of providing decision support and relevant targeting of clients at risk of leaving.

    GESTION FÉRIQUE (Montréal)

    AI Suppliers: Alithya

    Project value: $285K

    Contribution: $110K

    AI technology: Regression

  • Morpheus: an AI-based toolkit for rapid iteration on concept art and assets for video game development

    Morpheus is a UI toolkit that interacts with a fine-tuned Stable Diffusion model to allow the user to prompt the AI model to iterate on art assets in specific ways, interacting with the tool using drawings and/or text prompts. Morpheus also allows for collaborative editing and iteration involving multiple team members.


    AI Suppliers:, AIView

    Project value: $320K

    Contribution: $145K

    AI technology: Vision

  • Intelligent assignment platform

    Development of an intelligent and intuitive management solution based on AI to reproduce the work of our assignment/hiring managers in an optimized, systematic, and automated way.

    PHOENIXX WEB & MOBILE SOLUTIONS (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI Suppliers:

    Project value: $734K

    Contribution: $280K

    AI technology: NLP

  • Improvement of a tool for identifying candidates and generating matches with AI in a recruitment context.

    The long-term goal is to deploy a very robust system that significantly automates the process of recruiting professionals and executives. One of the main problems to be solved is the development of an accurate and highly customizable parser of CVs and job offers, using the latest pre-trained transformation models and by adjusting tools and libraries. This will increase the performance of our other AI modules. We also want to multiply the data sources available from the databases of our international partners (IMD), these being stored through various applicant tracking systems and other management tools.

    PLACEMENTS AEM INC. (Laurentides)

    AI Suppliers:

    Project value: $1.1M

    Contribution: $300K

    AI technology: NLP

  • difuze dub - Detection assistance for dubbing projects

    The project aims to take advantage of advances in artificial intelligence to accelerate the stages of preparation for the adaptation of a film or series to be dubbed by detecting several relevant elements of video, image (Vision and OCR) , but also dialogues (NLP) in order to facilitate the recording of actors in the studio. Dubbing is the process of creating a new audio track for visual content, usually for movies or TV shows, to be broadcast in another language.

    DIFUZE INC (Montréal)

    AI Suppliers: Vooban

    Project value: $1.5M

    Contribution: $520K

    AI technology: Vision & NLP

  • Prometheus Project - Support for the optimization of programmatic campaigns

    Our project aims to increase the capacities of media-traders through recommendations on the multiple parameters of the tactics forming the ongoing programmatic campaigns. These predictions take into account the real and current behavior of target customers (visitors, customers, users), based on other advertising offers by other advertisers and adjust quickly according to fluctuations.


    AI Suppliers: Moov.AI

    Project value: $1.8M

    Contribution: $600K

    AI technology: Regression

  • OPIA III – Personalized risk analysis and investigation tool to identify trends and ease the development of prevention programs

    The objective is to develop a decision support platform for occupational health and safety management, which includes an accident investigation and analysis tool, powered by artificial intelligence. The conversational agent will autonomously carry out a complete investigation and analysis depending on the circumstances surrounding the occurrence of the event. Under the process, the platform will determine the root cause in order to recommend specific prevention measures as well as personal protective equipment that can be added to the prevention plan.

    GROUPE CONSEIL NOVO SST INC. (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI Suppliers: Airudi

    Project value: $1.4M

    Contribution: $350K

    AI technology: NLP

  • Operational research for production planning

    With the help of operational research, we want to simplify, automate and optimize the daily planning of tailor-made practices according to different criteria and constraints. This tool will also be a decision-making aid to facilitate management in a constantly fluctuating construction context.


    AI Suppliers: Vooban

    Project value: $1.4M

    Contribution: $525K

  • Development of a conversational agent (Hygé) to provide answers on best practices in occupational health and safety.

    With an objective of efficiency, the project aims to develop a conversational agent (chabot) accessible via the knowledge management application implemented in the company. Users will be invited to formulate their requests in natural language. The chatbot will use artificial intelligence (AI) to provide accurate answers to questions posed by staff. Thanks to machine learning, the conversational agent will be trained to analyze and use the content of the knowledge bank to respond effectively to the questions addressed to it.

    SST CONSULTANTS INC. (Chaudière-Appalaches)

    AI Suppliers: EvoluData

    Project value: $198K

    Contribution: $80K

    AI technology: NLP

  • Automation of pricing via Artificial Intelligence

    Revenue management in the recreational tourism sector with an innovative platform and predictive technologies.


    AI Suppliers: Pythagore AI

    Project value: $168K

    Contribution: $75K

    AI technology: Regression

  • Management of fuel purchases and deliveries from the oil agency for RL Energies

    By using prediction over time to optimize the performance of managing deliveries and acquisitions of the RL Énergies distribution network, an AI-powered prediction and projection system that takes advantage of historical data could significantly outperform of a human being. Moreover, the organization could benefit from a more optimal management of deliveries and thus reduce its mileage and its ecological footprint, while exploring different energies (electric, liquefied natural gas, compressed natural gas or hydrogen) and reducing his shows even more.

    LES PÉTROLES RL INC (Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean)

    AI Suppliers: Pythagore AI

    Project value: $952K

    Contribution: $265K

    AI technology: Regression

  • AI driven molded Bearing Cage vision Inspection system

    Post injection molding inspection using AI equipped vision system to detect possible molded irregularities.

    PRECIMOLD INC. (Montréal)

    AI Suppliers: Agmanic Vision

    Project value: $251K

    Contribution: $100K

  • Optimization of the tender response process

    Taking the form of an A.I.-powered web application, the project aims to automate significant portions of the call for tenders (AO) process in the field of civil engineering. The project will help optimize the work of qualifying and prioritizing tenders, improve the accuracy of estimators and speed up the response to tenders. Ultimately, the platform will allow the team to respond more effectively, with a focus on the best opportunities for the business.

    CAN-EXPLORE (Capitale-Nationale)

    AI Suppliers: Umaneo

    Project value: 1 232 072$

    Contribution: $500K

    AI technology: NLP

  • Prediction of yields and suggestion of parameters maximizing yields per field by machine learning

    Forecast the overall yield potential per year (GRP) in advance to allow better planning of the needs of all departments involved in the processing of fruit purchased by Fruit d’Or. A better forecast of transport and frozen storage needs upstream would make it possible to optimize the needs for fruit purchases, labour, storage, etc. In addition, this project would make it possible to optimize the actions to be taken in the fields as the season progresses and the growing conditions undergone.

    FRUIT D'OR INC. (Centre-du-Québec)

    AI Suppliers: Hectiq.AI 

    Project value: 152 198$

    Contribution: 67 000$

    AI technology: Regression

  • Implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) for processing order documents and classifying incoming emails

    The project will consist of implementing artificial intelligence (AI) for the processing of order documents and classification of incoming emails. The project aims to significantly innovate in terms of validation processes information with a personalized solution as close as possible to the information systems of Laurentide Controls.


    AI Suppliers: Videns

    Project value: 528 094$

    Contribution: 225 000$

    AI technology: NLP

  • Job matching automation

    Normandin Beaudry is looking to apply AI/ML to match job/role information from their customers to ones in their own database.


    AI Suppliers: IVADO Labs

    Project value: 1 907 799$

    Contribution: 900 000$

    AI technology: NLP

  • Émil-IA Project – Tool to help correct written productions for teaching French at the secondary level

    In order to enable French teachers to become more efficient in correcting written productions and for students to receive feedback more quickly, the correction tool developed as part of the current development phase of the Émil-IA project will offer correction assisted by artificial intelligence (AI). More precisely, the criteria for correction and evaluation of Émil-IA are based on ministerial level requirements secondary 5. Émil-IA will allow the teacher to adapt the work to different needs students composing their groups.


    AI Suppliers: Moov.AI

    Project value: 665 616$

    Contribution: 285 000$

    AI technology: NLP

  • Demand forecasting across the supply chain

    In order to improve the overall efficiency of its supply chain and continue to exceed its standards in terms of service level and customer satisfaction, Nationex aims to develop an AI solution for predicting demand across its supply chain allowing it to to constantly adjust its capabilities and resources in the short and long term.

    NATIONEX INC. (Montérégie)

    AI Suppliers: Vooban

    Project value: 677 732$

    Contribution: 300 000$

    AI technology: Regression

  • Leveraging Advanced AI to Automate Credit Decisions

    The objective of this project is to leverage AI to completely automate underwriting decision-making for a segment of our applications, a first in Canada. There are three key components to the success of the project: a model capable of decisioning and explaining a credit decision, the ability to automatically process key documents to support the credit decision, and an underwriting workspace that can bring these models to the end-user when a decision needs validation.

    NESTO INC (Montréal)

    Project value: 1 120 239$

    Contribution: 400 000$

    AI technology: NLP

  • Audiences for digital marketing in an e-commerce context

    This project makes it possible to analyze the large amount of data generated by e-commerce to identify trends and understand consumers. The system is able to recommend the creation of marketing audiences and anticipate their needs. The data can then be synced with existing digital marketing platforms.

    URSA MARKETING INC. (Montérégie)

    AI Suppliers: Data Science Institute 

    Project value: 799 234$

    Contribution: 305 000$

    AI technology: Regression

  • Using machine learning and machine vision to detect operating errors

    This project aims to greatly improve the two flagship functionalities of the E-SMART service, firstly the ability to irrevocably impose a safe speed limit on vehicles in a fleet, and then the ability to avoid collisions with low structures, like bridges. The AI ​​initiative aims to automatically recognize errors in operation of the speed limit system caused either by an inaccuracy of the positioning, errors or omissions on the map, errors in entering geofences or errors in our boundary database. This project will also allow to automatically identify missing low structures.

    E-SMART CONTROL INC. (Montréal)

    Project value: 540 216$

    Contribution: 240 000$

    AI technology: Vision

  • S.P.A.R.C. - Single Private Accessible Repository for Content

    Develop a customer acquisition support solution, which includes a directory of all past content as well as quantitative data on projects carried out by Ecosystem. This corporate memory will be accessible via a search engine and will be used to accelerate the production of new content in response to questions from potential customers.


    AI Suppliers: Sia Partners

    Project value: 1 459 020$

    Contribution: 575 000$

    AI technology: NLP

For more information or to apply for financial assistance, contact us. An INVEST-AI director will be happy to discuss your AI needs and potential solutions with you.